Activities and projects


Smartphone basics course for beginners

Smartphones are now part of the everyday lives of many senior citizens. But the operation of the devices is often not self-explanatory. The Mobile City […]

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Train-the-trainer format for seniors

Some seniors need support in using their own smartphone to make it a useful helper in everyday life. Volunteers in geriatric care in particular are […]

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The Mobile City Laboratory at Mediencamp

How does programming work? What professions does the web offer, apart from being a YouTube star? How do you expose fake news? What do you […]

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Mobile City Laboratory

The Mobile City Laboratory project literally brings the Smart City Laboratory onto the streets and into urban districts by designing mobile programme offers. Equipped with an electric cargo bike and the corresponding equipment, the Mobile City Laboratory visits city residents where they live, work and carry out their day-to-day work. The aim is to reach those people who are not mobile themselves. Since summer 2021, a barrier-free placement programme has offered smaller groups the opportunity to try out new digital technologies once a week and at different locations.

Digital Learning Workshop

We love to learn and we love to do it together with you. This is how the mantra of the learning workshop in the city lab can be described. The digital transformation holds countless topics in store for this, ranging from fake news, 3D simulations or data security, to contemporary education in Darmstadt.

Participation project environment and water

Darmstadt is also struggling with the consequences of climate change. To make sure things don’t stay that way, the participatory project has identified environmental problems in Darmstadt, tested a water map and compiled important data. The project’s 24-hour hackathon demonstrated in an impressive way that the entire city society can do something for Darmstadt’s climate.

digitalRaum – Smart City Laboratory as a physical space

A city lab for everyone and in the middle of the city! We are working on it together. From a functional point of view, the stationary urban laboratory is intended to be a mixture of event, exhibition, workshop, training and lecture venue. Students at the TU Darmstadt have shown what this can look like in concrete terms with exciting competition work. We were impressed – we’re sure you are, too.

Field of action