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5G – the future of mobile communications Cooperation project

In addition to the field tests in Berlin and the Port of Hamburg, the first 5G antennas in the Deutsche Telekom network are now also transmitting in Science City Darmstadt.

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A resource-efficient and comprehensive radio network for the city LoRaWAN

Comprehensive radio network for Darmstadt as the basis for the Internet of Things.

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Collaboration with the Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Centre

Thanks to intelligent and digitally networked systems, people, machines and products will be able to communicate directly with each other in the future. Digital transformation in industrial production means linking production processes with state-of-the-art information and communication technologies and affects all stakeholders along the entire value chain – from suppliers to producers to service providers.

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“Darmstadt im Herzen”

The city management portal provides information on current events and trends in Darmstadt as well as on offers and services by the city management itself.

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Darmstadt model schools

The aim of the project was to support three Darmstadt model schools on their way to becoming digitally confident schools that mediate ‘digital literacy’ in everyday school life. They teach “digital literacy” in everyday school life and share their knowledge with other schools.

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Educational tools

Learning, communicating, expanding one’s horizons. Lifelong learning – today, and especially in the fast-paced times of digitization, little argument is needed for this. Learning can offer new perspectives, be fun, and even protect. No fewer than four Smart City Darmstadt projects contribute to education – each in its own unique way.

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What will the day-to-day life of a Darmstadt family look like in the digital world of tomorrow? This video shows you what might be around the corner.

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Civic participation:

Be part of the digitalisation of your city – Darmstadt.

Bring Darmstadt digitally to life. Find out more at our local citizens’ events, make your voice heard or take part online.

Strategy and vision:

A flagship project for the future

Our strategy creates a framework for action that integrates all projects into an overall concept in a structured and targeted manner.

A portrait of the city:

The versatile Smart City

Darmstadt is ensuring its residents enjoy a new quality of life. Darmstadt is a city of science and culture, ranking among the ten most sustainable cities in Germany since 2010.

Field of action