Digital Shop Window

Digital showcase for local retail

Normal shop windows usually offer only limited space. In addition, not all shops have the opportunity to offer their products in the most visited shopping locations. The Digital Shop Window project enables Darmstadt-based retailers to present themselves online on a central platform.

The digital store window gives local businesses the opportunity to describe themselves and their offerings, post opening hours, and link to other websites and their own online store. The Corona pandemic in particular has provided a huge boost, with a total of more than 550 stores now listed – including fashion stores, pharmacies, household goods suppliers, restaurants and many more. Integrated delivery logistics make it possible for products to reach customers within one day, for example with the help of electric cargo bikes.

Via the Digital Shop Window database, the entries are output both on the website of Darmstadt Citymarketing e.V. and on the tourism page of Darmstadt Marketing and in the Darmstadt App.

What is the use of

  • Strengthening regional retail trade
  • Display of the (product) variety of the Darmstadt retail trade online as well
  • Online purchase of products from the Darmstadt retail trade

Who benefits from it

  • Citizens of Darmstadt
  • Visitors
  • Vendors
  • Caterers

What is the schedule

The platform has been online since 2019.

Who is responsible

Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt Marketing GmbH and Darmstadt Citymarketing e.V.
Anja Herdel

Project location

Field of action