Darmstadt im Herzen

The Stadtwirtschaftportal provides news and services from Darmstadt's municipal corporation

The Darmstadt im Herzen app provides information on current events and trends in Darmstadt as well as on offers and services provided by the Stadtwirtschaft.




One portal – one source of information

To make togetherness in Darmstadt and in the neighborhood more lively, to set impulses for more sustainability in everyday life
and to promote local partners as well as to know what Darmstadt offers in terms of quality of life: These are the goals of the Darmstadt im
Herzen app – the local neighborhood app for Darmstadt.

Whether energy, affordable housing, public transport, cultural offerings, waste disposal and much more – the companies of Darmstädter Stadtwirtschaft provide Darmstädter*innen with high-quality services of general interest on a daily basis. With their diverse range of services, the municipal companies make a major contribution to the high quality of life in the city and region.
At wwww.darmstadtimherzen.de or as a mobile app via an app store: The portal presents the performance and service of Darmstädter Stadtwirtschaft according to business areas and provides target-group-specific offers for students, families, professionals, senior citizens or people who only live temporarily in the City of Darmstadt. Webcams, free apartments, vacant jobs and much more – all this is also available on Darmstadt im Herzen. By the way: Darmstadt residents can explore the regional association landscape in the association register and find the ideal association for them.

What’s the point?

  • Compact overview of special topics in Darmstadt
  • – Getting to know the city group
  • Further information on municipal services in the area of city management/provision
  • Neighbourhood map
  • Neighbourly help

Who benefits from it:

  • Citizens
  • Visitors
  • Cooperation partners

What is the schedule?

Online since the beginning of 2019

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Darmstadt im Herzen

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Michael Ahrend (HEAG Holding AG)

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