Digital for Everyone

Neue Möglichkeiten der medialen Teilhabe

Is digitalisation just something for the younger, media-experienced part of society? Not at all! The Digital for Everyone project addresses the question of how people with low media literacy can also gain access to digital media culture and participate as users. On the one hand, a barrier-free calendar of events is being developed for everyone on the Science City Darmstadt’s website, with information on various events in easy-to-understand language, illustrations or explanatory videos. Care is taken to ensure barrier-free accessibility. On the other hand, the project includes analogue, outreach counselling for people with disabilities.

What is the use of

  • New expertise in terms of accessible media presence
  • Visible and tangible inclusion
  • Raising awareness for the topic

Who benefits from it

People with low media literacy – focus on people with impairments

What is the schedule

Start: beginning 2019

End: End 2020

Who is responsible

Smart City Darmstadt

Project Coordinator “Digital for Everyone”

Adelheid Wolf

Tel.: 06151 – 132160

Project location

Field of action