Darmstadt model schools

The aim of the project was to support three Darmstadt model schools on their way to becoming digitally confident schools that mediate ‘digital literacy’ in everyday school life. The comprehensive digital and media skills of all those involved in school life included the thoughtful handling of digital information, recognising a wide range of perspectives and interests, and the use of digital tools.

Concrete school and teaching concepts were developed in the project. At the same time, communication processes in a digitally shaped world were examined, how information is processed and how cooperation in the educational environment of schools is changing.

The project “Bildung in der digitalen Welt. Darmstädter Modellschulen” is being carried out as part of a development-oriented research project on behalf of Science City Darmstadt by the Department of General Education with a Focus on Media Education (Allgemeine Pädagogik mit dem Schwerpunkt Medienpädagogik) at TU Darmstadt.

Model schools are:

  • Herderschule
  • Heinrich-Emanuel-Merck-Schule
  • Bernhard-Adelung-Schule.

The findings have been published in a report and can be supplemented by all schools.

What is the use of

  • Promoting digital literacy among all stakeholders
  • Development of school-specific media education concepts in order to design subject-specific lessons, to provide orientation for the overarching design of the educational space of school, to have action-oriented functions for all persons acting in the educational space of school in the medium and long term, and thus to have the competencies required for this purpose.
  • Insights on school development in a digitally driven culture

Who benefits from it

  • Pupils
  • Teachers
  • School Community

What is the schedule

Start: 4th quarter 2019

End: 4th quarter 2021


Who is responsible

Medienzentrum Darmstadt

Volker Seipp

Project location

Field of action