Traffic and Environmental Sensors

Ecologically fluid through the city thanks to traffic and environmental sensors

Darmstadt is a growing city with many commuters and a high level of traffic during rush hour. Intelligent traffic sensors and guidance systems make it possible to control traffic volumes in a more targeted and ecologically sound manner. The Traffic and Environmental Sensors project uses intelligent traffic sensors and guidance systems to control traffic volumes in a more targeted manner, thus ensuring that traffic flows more smoothly. Sensors detect the vehicle types and average speeds of passing vehicles, which can then be guided through traffic control measures. This pioneering technology saves time for all road users and makes it possible to minimise pollutants in urban areas. The real-time urban traffic computer can integrate this traffic data as well as environmental data collected via its own sensor network into future control concepts. Provided as open data, the collected data is used, for example, for the scientific research work of technical universities and start-ups.

What is the use of

  • Minimisation of pollutants in the air
  • Better traffic control

Who benefits from it

  • Universities and research institutions worldwide
  • Citizens
  • Employees of the Darmstadt authorities

What is the schedule

Start: 3rd quarter 2018

End: Q4 2019 (ongoing process)

Who is responsible

Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt
Katharina Metzker, Mobilitätsamt Darmstadt

Field of action